Online safety in lockdown

Right now, kids will be spending more time online. So we've got tips and advice to help you keep your kids safe online during lockdown and beyond.

The last year has been anything but normal, and as we enter a new lockdown, it’s likely that kids are going to continue to spend more time online. From advice on gaming to helping manage your child’s wellbeing online, our lockdown hub has everything you need to help keep them safe.

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8 tips for keeping your kids safe online during lockdown

We’ve put together our 8 top tips for keeping your kids safe online during lockdown and beyond.

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Advice from an expert

Kate Edwards - NSPCC Online Safety Expert

Because we’re all using the internet more and in different ways, you might need to be flexible with the normal rules, such as how long your child is spending online. Make sure to write down any changes in a family agreement so your child knows what is expected of them.

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Online learning

Now learning has moved back online, your child might be using apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to keep in touch with their class.  Follow our tips to help keep your kids safe on conferencing apps.

Keeping kids safe on conferencing apps

Activities to do in lockdown

Host a virtual quiz with your child's friends using our new online safety quiz and find out just how much they know about keeping safe online. 

More people than ever are choosing to share content online at the moment but it's not always easy to tell fact from fiction. Help your child understand what fake news is and how to spot it with our latest advice article. 

 It's important we make sure kids have the right tools to recognise when they're feeling overwhelmed by the online world. Check out our tips on managing digital wellbeing online for more advice. 

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Online gaming

Check out our tips to help keep your child safe while gaming online. 

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O2 Guru tip of the week: TikTok


Explore privacy settings on TikTok

Families have spent a lot of time on TikTok over lockdown. Make sure to check for any new privacy settings or safety updates that could help keep them safer.

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