09 April 2020

Snapchat’s new mental health feature: Here For You UK

Snapchat logo on yellow background

Snapchat, the popular app that lets you send photos, short videos and messages to your friends, has just released its new ‘Here For You UK’ mental health feature. Here we explain what the new feature is and give you some extra advice to help keep your child safe when using it.

What is the ‘Here For You UK’ feature?

‘Here For You UK’ is a new mental health feature from Snapchat that you can find using the search function.

If you search ‘Here For You’, you’ll see three options. We’re talking about ‘Here For You UK’ here, but you can also find ‘Here For You’ which is the US version and ‘Here For You: Special Edition’ which gives information from WHO and US organisations on coronavirus (COVID-19).

‘Here For You UK’ has been designed to:

  • provide support to users (known as Snapchatters) who might be experiencing mental health issues
  • allow others to learn more about mental health issues and how people can support each other
  • give advice and safety resources when users look for particular topics such as ‘anxiety’, ‘depression, ‘stress’ and ‘bullying’.

There are also creative tools and lenses that have been created to support with safety and privacy.

‘Here For You’ is being supported by a number of UK charities, including YoungMinds, the Diana Award and Samaritans, who have contributed content.

What do we think about the new features?


It’s great that platforms such as Snapchat are finding ways to further support young people and adults with their mental health and online wellbeing. But it’s also important to talk to your child about these topics, as well as how to stay safe while using Snapchat.


If your child uses Snapchat, why not take the time to explore ‘Here For You UK’ together? You could:


  • ask them to show you how to subscribe to a page
  • ask them what they like and dislike about the new feature
  • explore how they can stay safe on Snapchat together
  • create something using the new tools and lenses.

Remind your child they can always talk to you, another trusted adult or Childline

While there’s lots of support for children and young people out there, it’s also important to remind them that they can always come to you, or another trusted adult about anything.

Reassure them that you won’t overreact – you’re just looking out for them.

They can also get support from Childline about anything, good or bad, no matter how big or small it may seem. They can also have a look at the Childline website and the Childline message boards for support from other young people.

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