26 March 2020

Having a Netflix Party? What you should know

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What you need to know about Netflix Party and how you can keep your child safe while using it.

Right now, most of us, including children and young people, are spending more time indoors, which probably means watching more TV. You might have heard of Netflix Party, which lets you simultaneously watch films and TV shows with your friends remotely.

Here’s what you need to know about Netflix Party and tips for keeping your child safe. 

What is Netflix Party?


Netflix Party is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you simultaneously watch Netflix with your friends. Netflix Party synchronises the programme or movie for everyone, so if one person presses pause, everyone’s screen pauses. You can also chat to each other while watching a programme using the written messaging feature.

How does Netflix Party work?


After you install the extension, a little ‘NP’ icon will appear in your Google Chrome browser. When you start watching a Netflix video, you can click on the icon and create a link. You can then share this link with anyone you want to watch Netflix with (so long as they also have the Netflix Party extension). Remind your child not to share this link with anyone they don’t know and make sure they’re supervised when using the extension.


Netflix Party only works with Google Chrome, so won’t work on other web browsers, like Safari or Firefox. And it’s only available on desktop or laptop computers, meaning you can’t use it on mobile phones or tablets. It's not an official Netflix product. 

What’s the minimum age?


According to Netflix Party’s Privacy Policy, the service is for users aged 13+. And Netflix’s Terms of Use say that anyone under the age of 18 must only use the service while being supervised by an adult.

Top tips for staying safe on Netflix Party

Exploring apps, sites and games together is a great way to involve your child in the decision-making process, so look at Netflix Party together to see if it’s ok for your child to use.

Be positive about what you see, but also be open about your concerns. Ask them what they think is appropriate and what worries them.

If you decide it’s not appropriate, then make sure you explain your reasons why.

You might decide it’s ok for your child to use. If so, make sure you follow the tips below to ensure it’s as safe as possible. And work out a time when you’ll next discuss Netflix Party.

To use Netflix Party, you have to share a link with other people or click on a link that someone has sent you. Remind your child to only share links with friends and not to click on links from people they don’t know, because this could mean children are more likely to see something upsetting or receive inappropriate messages.

When you’re watching a programme or film with friends on Netflix Party, you can talk using the chat function. This can be a fun way of letting your friends know what you think.

Remind your child to think before they share things online. Tell them to keep chat positive and friendly and to think about how someone might react or feel to something they say or post.

And remind them not to share private things, like:

  • personal information, such as emails, names, phone numbers, school names
  • photos of their body, such as sexual photos or videos
  • gossip or hurtful messages.

Netflix has loads of content available, some of which is great for kids but some isn’t so appropriate. We recommend setting up parental controls to help manage what your child can watch.

Netflix has advice on setting up parental controls, so you can stop your child from viewing films or shows rated above a certain maturity level, or accessing a particular film or TV show.

If your child is sharing the link with friends, make sure their parents are happy for them to use the Netflix Party extension and that they’re ok with the shows or films that are being watched.

For each ‘party’, you could also arrange for one parent to keep an eye on the chat, just like you’d do if everyone was at one house. That way you can share the supervision.

Remind your child they can talk to you if anything upsets or worries them. This might be a message they receive on Netflix Party or something they’ve seen in a Netflix film or show.

Reassure them that you won’t overreact – you’re just looking out for them.

And if they feel like they can’t speak to you, tell them to talk to an adult they trust, like a teacher or Childline.

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