MyLOL – What parents and young people say

MyLOL is a social network that allows you to make new connections to people near you and around the world. You can create a profile, talk about your interests and share content such as photos and videos.

Our 2017 Net Aware reviews from children and young people described it as “fun” and “a good way to meet people”. One young person, aged 15, thought a risk of using this app was “you can chat to people you have never met”. Another girl, aged 16, cautions “people can pretend to be someone else online and manipulate younger/other users”.

What you need to know about MyLOL

Here’s some more information about MyLOL and things you can do to help keep your child safe when using the network:

  • MyLOL is PEGI rated 16+. You can find out more about PEGI ratings here.
  • MyLOL’s Terms and Conditions state that users should be no younger than 13 before using this app.
  • There aren’t any parental controls available, as the app is not designed for children. 
  • This site has its own section on online safety. You can read this page by clicking here
  • MyLOL includes suspicious keyword checking which moderates messages for concerning or illegal activity.
  • MyLOL allows users to be blocked by clicking on their profile and selecting “report” or “block.”

If your child is using MyLOL, it’s important to talk to them regularly about the app, including the potential risks and how they can keep themselves safe while using it. Let them know they can come to you or another trusted adult if they’re feeling worried or upset by anything they have seen. We’ve got some great conversation starters that may help.

If you would like more information on MyLOL, you can speak to an expert advisor at our free O2 NSPCC Online Safety Helpline on 0808 800 5002 - they can help you with any queries that you have about social networks or online safety in general. You can also visit an O2 Guru in store, even if you’re not an O2 customer. Book your appointment here