Did you know… MovieStarPlanet has launched two new safety videos?

MovieStarPlanet is an online social network and game. You can create a movie star character to talk to others in the chat room, play games and watch videos.

“I like that you can play games and have fun with your real friends” – Girl, 12

MovieStarPlanet has released two videos that highlight the safety features on their site. One of the videos shows how to block users you don’t want to play with or speak to. It empowers children to take control of who they play with online. 

The second video provides advice on how to keep safe when using MovieStarPlanet. It provides top tips children can use, such as not giving out their password. It also highlights some of the risks to be aware of, including other users being able to find out their personal information. 

These videos are child friendly and are creatively illustrated through the cartoon characters used on MovieStarPlanet. Watching them together with your child can be a great way to start conversations about keeping safe online. You can also read more about online gaming here

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