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08 February 2020

Age and content ratings on apps and games

What’s the difference between official, app store and PEGI ratings? And what do you actually need to know? We demystify age and content ratings for you.

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14 August 2019

Anonymous Messaging Apps: Who’s asking?

A number of websites and apps, such as Sarahah and Tellonym, let users ask questions, leave comments and have conversations anonymously. Here’s what you need to know.

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17 December 2019

Buying your child a new device for Christmas? 5 tips for staying safe

Follow our five tips for setting devices this Christmas to help keep your child safe.

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15 August 2019

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Magic you should be aware of

The company that created the popular Pokémon GO game, Niantic, has just launched one of the biggest games of the year, using one of the most popular franchises of the magic and muggle world!

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10 February 2020

New resources for Safer Internet Day

To help you keep your kids safe, we’ve created some extra resources to make it even easier for you to have conversations about staying safe online.

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14 August 2019

O2 Gurus: Get free online safety help and advice

The internet is an amazing place for kids to explore, learn and create, but it also comes with its risks. That’s why we’ve brought together the NSPCC’s expertise in protecting children and O2’s tech know-how. Helping you keep your kids safe online.

Family with tablet

11 December 2019

Online safety for the whole family

Our tips for keeping the whole family safe online.

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