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Boys using tablet and phone

21 May 2020

8 tips for keeping your kids safe online during lockdown

Follow our 8 top tips to help keep your kids safe online during lockdown and beyond.

girl lying down using phone

30 April 2020

What is end-to-end encryption?

You might have heard of end-to-end encryption but not be entirely sure what it means. We explain it for you here and offer some top tips for keeping kids safe.

TikTok title

17 April 2020

TikTok is disabling direct messaging for under 16s

TikTok, the popular video sharing app, just announced that messaging for under 16s will be disabled. Here’s what we think.

Snapchat logo on yellow background

09 April 2020

Snapchat’s new mental health feature: Here For You UK

Snapchat, the popular app that lets you send photos, short videos and messages to your friends, has just released its new ‘Here For You UK’ mental health feature. Here we explain what the new feature is and give you some extra advice to help keep your child safe when using it.

Girl smiling using laptop

26 March 2020

Having a Netflix Party? What you should know

What you need to know about Netflix Party and how you can keep your child safe while using it.

Boy using phone outside

24 March 2020

Lights, camera, action! Video chat, video sharing and livestreaming

Does your child TikTok more than your clock? Have they got an itch for Twitch? Do they Snap, Gram and Dub? Here's what you need to know about video chat, video sharing and livestreaming.

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