What do I need to know about Sarahah?

We've spoken to parents to find out what they think about Sarahah. We've also asked children and young people what they think. Here's what they said:

Children’s views

What do children and young people dislike about it?

25% of the children and young people who reviewed Sarahah thought it was unsafe. The main things they told us they don’t like about Sarahah were:

  • You can receive hateful or bullying comments and not know who it’s from
  • It’s completely anonymous
  • People use it to bully others

What do children and young people like about it?

The main things that children and young people told us they like about Sarahah were:

  • People send anonymous compliments and messages that might boost your self esteem
  • Some people say fun or positive things
  • People are more honest

Is content on Sarahah suitable for children and young people?

We asked parents and young people about the types of inappropriate content they’ve seen on Sarahah. The level of risk is based on the % of respondents who reported seeing these types of content. The ratings are: Low Risk (less than 5% of respondents); Medium Risk (between 5 and 25%); and High Risk (over 25%, or more than one in four).


Medium Risk

Violence & hatred

High Risk


High Risk

Suicide & self-harm

Medium Risk

Drink, drugs & crime

Medium Risk

What are people saying about

Boy, 17

“The site asks users to provide a link to their peers in order to receive feedback. If this is used properly there should not be any major issues such as bullying as it is simply used to gather opinions and feedback. I don’t like that it is difficult to track down people who leave hateful remarks.”

Girl, 13

“People can say what they want anonymously, so they say whatever hurtful things they want. However, since there is no location or photos, people can't physically hurt you or find you. It can also be a fun way to message friends.”

Girl, 14

“You can create an anonymous account and click on to others accounts and leave a comment - You can bully people on it, harass people and absolutely everything is anonymous.”


Unfortunately we did not receive a sufficient number of reviews from parents on Sarahah. Therefore, there are no quotes from parents for this site.


Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner. Sarahah (pronounced sa-ra-hah) is the Arabic word for candor and frankness.

O2 Guru Top Tips for Sarahah

O2 Guru Rosa says:

"This popular social networking site aimed at older teens can be linked with a user's Snapchat account. Anyone can comment on posts which increases the risk of cyber-bullying. To counter this, users can make their profiles private so only people they know can interact with them, via the settings button on devices."


Our O2 NSPCC Online Safety Helpline can help you to set up parental controls, adjust privacy settings or get advice on social networks. You can call us free on 0808 800 5002.

For face to face advice and support, you can also book a free in-store appointment with an O2 Guru here (even if you’re not with O2).

NA - gurus

What's the right age for Sarahah?


Sarahah says

Sarahah doesn't provide a minimum age. 13 is the minimum age for opening a social network account.


Our panel of parents say

Unfortunately we did not receive enough parent reviews on Sarahah to include this on the site.


Children say

Based on 2,059 responses from children and young people in November and December 2017.


Net Aware visitors say

Based on 184 votes from visitors to the Net Aware site – you can vote too.

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