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Amazon Prime or Prime Video is a paid for video-on-demand streaming site where you can watch a range of programmes and films. It can only be accessed if you have an Amazon account.


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Prime Video gives you the option to create a kid’s profile on your Amazon account. If you set up a kid’s profile for your child they will only be given access to video content that’s been rated U or PG. You can also set up a parental pin to restrict content rated 12, 15 and 18+.

When you set up parental controls via your Amazon account it won’t work automatically across all devices. If your child watches Prime using an Xbox, Kindle or Amazon Firestick you will need to set up parental controls separately.

Be aware that if your child is watching Amazon Prime offline, they will be able to access all programme downloads.

To set up an account you need to be over 18, but it is suitable for kids to watch content with the suggested settings in place.  We'd always recommend that you supervise what they are watching too.

Safety features

There are parental controls available on Prime Video that can help you manage what your child can watch. You can also set up a pin to stop them accessing content on other adult accounts.

Privacy & location

Your profile and personal information can’t be seen by any other user.

We would recommend reading Amazon’s Terms of Use for more information on how they use your data.

Reporting & blocking

Unlike other video-on-demand sites you can’t block specific programme or films from your child’s device. However, you can block specific content ratings, e.g. anything rated 12, 15 or 18+.

There is no reporting tool available.


If you set up a kid’s profile for your child, and set a parental controls pin on other adult profiles that are connected to your account, they shouldn’t come across programmes and films that contain adult themes.

However, depending on your child’s age, there might be some PG rated films that your child could find upsetting. We would recommend supervising your child when they’re choosing what to watch just to make sure it’s suitable.

Top tips

To manage what your child can watch on Prime Video set up a kid’s profile for them. You can do this on your Amazon account. Doing this will give you access to other parental controls such as limiting purchases that can help to keep them safe.

To set up a kid’s profile:

1) Sign into your Amazon account.
2) Select Prime Video.
3) Select ‘Who’s watching’ and then ‘Add new’.
4) Enter your child’s username and select ‘Kid’s profile?’.

1) Open the Prime Video app and select ‘My stuff’ at the bottom of the screen.
2) Go to the ‘Profile clicker’ dropdown and click the ‘+’ icon.
3) Enter your child’s username and make sure to select ‘Kid’s profile?’

Make sure to add a ‘parental guidance pin’ to all adult profiles on your Amazon account. This will help to ensure your child doesn’t accidently watch a programme or film that contains adult themes.

To set up a pin:

1) Go onto Prime Video.
2) Select the settings icon on the right-hand corner of the screen.
3) Select ‘Parental controls’.
4) Go to ‘Prime video pin’ and enter your four-digit pin.

Here you can also switch off purchases and set additional viewing restrictions if you want to give your child access to content rated PG+.

Once you’ve set up your child’s profile, we would recommend having a look at some of the films and programmes they can see to check whether they’re all appropriate.

You know your child best, and while Prime Video will only show content rated U or PG, there might be specific films or shows you think they’d find scary or upsetting.

Before you let your child use their Prime Video profile sit down with them and explore it together so they know how to use it.

You might also want to use this opportunity to set some rules around what they watch and when. For example, they might be allowed to watch it in their room at the weekend or for a set amount of time each day. Whatever you decide write the rules down in a family agreement so your child knows where they stand.

We would recommend always supervising your child when they’re using video on demand apps.

Show your child how to pause a video or close the app in case they watch something that upsets them and want to stop it playing. Remind them to always come to you if they feel worried or upset by something they’ve seen.

Amazon Kids+ is an all in one subscription service that gives kid’s access to age-appropriate books, entertainment and educational apps.

As this platform has been specifically designed for kids you might want to explore this option for your family.

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Set up parental controls on individual devices

When you set up parental controls on Prime Video, they don’t always apply across all devices so make sure to double check the settings on the device your child is using.

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