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Netflix is a paid-for subscription service that lets you stream films and TV shows to your TV, laptop, mobile, games console or tablet. Some content can be temporarily downloaded for offline viewing. Age ratings are applied to each film or programme and there are parental controls available.


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On Netflix there is an option to set up a Kid’s Experience profile which gives you automatic access to parental controls that will help you manage what your child can watch. These types of profiles only play content that is suitable for kids (rated U and PG) and restricts access to settings.

While there are lots of different genres available on Netflix, setting up a kid’s profile for your child will help stop them from viewing content that might not be suitable for them.

To set up an account you need to be over 18, but it is suitable for kids to watch content with the suggested settings in place.  We'd always recommend that you supervise what they are watching too.

Safety features

To create a Netflix account you need to be over the age of 18. When you sign up you’re required to give credit card details which are used to verify your age. This step would make it quite difficult for a child to sign up without parental knowledge.

To help parents and carers manage the content their child is watching there are parental controls available. These let you:

• Create a profile for your child with a specific maturity rating.
• Block specific shows.
• Lock adult profiles with a PIN code.
• Turn auto play on or off.
• Access their viewing history.
• Set up individual profile pins.

You can only set up parental controls on the Netflix website and not the app. We would recommend doing this when you initially sign up for an account.

Check out Netflix’s guidance on Setting up parental controls for more information.

Privacy & location

There are no privacy settings available as your account is automatically set to private and only the account owner or people with access to your account will be able to view your information.

You can also set up a pin on individual profiles to prevent other people from viewing your watch history.

Your location is not shared with anyone.

Read Netflix’s Privacy Policy to see how they share and process your data.

Reporting & blocking

A maturity rating is applied to each TV show or film per region, therefore there is no reporting tool available.

If there are specific TV Shows or films you do not want your child to watch you can block these on their account.


There are thousands of films and TV shows from different genres available on Netflix including action, horror, romance and real-life stories. Some of these contain themes that a child might find scary or upsetting. However, if you use the appropriate parental controls settings available and set up pins so they can’t access adult accounts, this should help to stop them watching content that might not be suitable for them.

If you set up a Kids Experience account they will be able to access films and shows rated U and PG.

We would recommend reading how Netflix set Maturity ratings and classifications on the platform.

Tips to keep your child safe on Netflix

To manage what your child watches on Netflix set up a specific kid’s profile for them. By choosing the Kids experience option all parental controls will automatically be set up and they will only be able to watch content that has been rated appropriate for children.

To do this you need to visit your Manage Profile page. Parental controls can only be set up on the Netflix website and not the app so we would recommend doing this when you sign up for a subscription.

How to set up a Kids Experience account on Netflix

1) Visit your Manage Profile page.
2) Select Add profile
3) Name the profile. This could be your child’s name or nickname.
4) Select Kids and then Continue.

Once the profile has been set up you’ll be able to access some of the other parental controls available. These include:

• Personalising the maturity rating. You might want to use this if your child is a little older and you want to give them access to content rated higher than U.
• Switch off auto play to stop films or episodes automatically playing after one has finished.
• Block specific TV shows or films.
• Set up pins to stop your child from accessing the account without your permission.

Make sure to regularly review the parental controls set up to make sure they’re still right for your family.

Once you’ve set up your child’s profile, we would recommend having a look at some of the films and TV shows they can see to check whether they’re all appropriate.

You know your child best, and while Netflix will only show content rated U or PG, there might be specific films or shows you think they’d find scary or upsetting. Doing this will you give an opportunity to block these before they go on their profile.

Before you let your child use their Netflix profile sit down with them and explore it together so they know how to use it.

You might also want to use this opportunity to set some rules around when they can use it. For example, they might be allowed to watch it in their room at the weekend or for a set amount of time each day. Whatever you decide, make sure to write the rules down in a family agreement so your child knows where they stand.

If your child is really young we would recommend supervising them when they’re watching Netflix and checking the review for a film or TV show before putting it on.

We would recommend setting up a pin for all adult profiles on your Netflix account to stop your child from accessing them. To do this:

1) Sign into your Netflix account and select Profile
2) Go onto your Account Settings.
3) Scroll down and select ‘Profile and parental controls’.
4) Select the profile you wish to create a PIN for.
5) Select ‘Profile lock’.
6) Enter your Netflix password, create a PIN and select ‘Save’.

Netflix party is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix at the same time as your friends.

Now we’re spending more time at home, you might want to explore this with your child and decide whether they can use it.

For more information on how to keep your child safe on Teleparty check out our advice article.

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Explore Netflix’s guidance for parents

Check out Netflix’s guidance for parents on the different settings available.

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