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MovieStarPlanet is an online game and app. You can create a famous movie star character to talk to others in the chat room, play games and watch videos. Anyone can chat to you or add you as a friend.


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MovieStarPlanet has several communication features that allow kids to interact with each other on the platform, including chat rooms, commenting on posts and 1:1 chats. These can be turned off for under 13s and we would recommend doing this.

The app does have parental controls for kids under the age of 13 that can help you manage which features they have access to. You should make sure your child signs up with the correct age so you can access these.

While the content of the app was appropriate and they say they moderate the site for content that breaks their community standards, we came across inappropriate comments on photos that some children might find upsetting. There are also reports online about young people being sent inappropriate messages on the app. For this reason, we would recommend switching off all communication features.

Safety features

There are parental controls available on MovieStarPlanet for kids under the age of 13. The game’s Parental Control Centre  gives you access to tools that can help you manage which features your child can use.  

Be aware that it’s easy for kids to input a different date of birth or email address to bypass parental permissions. You should set up your child’s account with them to make sure they sign up with the correct information and that you have access to the Parental Control Centre.

Communication features are set up by default and we would recommend switching these off for children under the age of 16.

MovieStarPlanet has information on how they safeguard children on the platform. You might want to read this to understand what systems are in place to help keep your child safe. 


Privacy & location

There is no way to make a profile private on MovieStarPlanet and anyone can add you as a friend.

However, when you post something, such as an image, you can decide whether you want it to be seen by other users or just your friend’s list.

MovieStarPlanet has prompts to remind users to not share personal information on the app.

It does not share your location.

Reporting & blocking

It is easy to report or block another user directly in the app.


As the game has been designed for young people, the content in the game is suitable for children. However, we came across a number of inappropriate comments from other users commenting on public posts. These contained racism, bullying and sexual themes. Some of the comments were quite old meaning they hadn’t been picked and deleted by moderators.

As the app lets users publicly comment on other people’s posts, it’s easy to come across language and messages that a child might find upsetting.

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On MovieStarPlanet parental settings

Sign up with your child and decide whether to enter a parental email which lets you control access to certain features, like chat.

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Top tips for staying safe

Sitting down with your child and exploring MovieStarPlanet together is a great way for you to learn more about the game and give you an opportunity to chat with them about some of the settings that can help keep them safe.

We would recommend making sure all the communication features are switched off and showing your child how to report or block another user.

Help your child think about what they share online and who sees it. Compare it to what they would be happy to share offline.

Use examples that are easy for them to understand: “You shouldn't give your number to somebody you don't know on the street. Is somebody online you don't know any different?”

Listen to their answers. And be positive and encouraging.

Remind them that they shouldn’t share private things, such as:

  • personal information, like names, emails, phone numbers, location and school names
  • other people's personal information
  • links to join private group chats
  • photos of themselves
  • photos of their body, such as sexual photos or videos.

On MovieStarPlanet, chat settings are public and anyone can add you as a friend.  

Talk to your child about the risks of chatting to people they don’t know. Remind them not to share personal information and that they can talk to you if anything upsets them. 

Your child might receive upsetting or negative things from other users on MovieStarPlanet. If this happens, they might want to report or block them. 

MoiveStarPlanet has specific guidance on how to report another user and how to block someone 

And remember to let your child know that they can always talk to you about worrying things they see online. 

MovieStarPlanet has information on how they safeguard children on the platform.  

You might want to read this to understand what systems are in place to help keep your child safe. 

If your child sees something online that upsets or worries them it’s important that you both know where you can get further support.

If you’re worried about your child or need advice you might want to call the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000.

Encourage your child to look at the Childline website, which has a range of great advice articles:

Childline’s Calm zone is also packed with tools and activities to help your child de-stress and discover news techniques that can support them when they’re feeling down. Young people can also talk about their worries with others on the Childline message boards.


Talking to your child

Having open, regular conversations with your child will help you to really understand and explore the online world together. Our tips and advice can help you start these conversations.

Talk about staying safe online

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