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LEGO Life is a creative app that allows users to share their LEGO builds and join in with build challenges. Users can post pictures of their builds to the app and comment on posts using app specific emojis. You cannot make your profile private, so all users of the app can see your posts.


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A child can’t share or create their own builds in LEGO Life without their account being verified by a parent or carer. To set this up you need to create your own account and connect it to your child’s. LEGO Life use moderators to check images before they are uploaded to the platform to ensure they don’t contain any personal information and protect the young people’s identities. As commenting is restricted and there is no private chat function, the risks of your child being contacted by someone they don’t know or receiving unwanted contact are low.

Be aware, some images might contain themes that might not be appropriate for young children, and there are no options to filter or block content.

Safety features

When the app is first downloaded, your child will be asked to create a nickname. As this can be seen by other users, help them choose one that doesn’t contain any personal information. Until you’ve verified their account they won’t be able to post on the app and will only be able to view content posted by other users.

To verify your child’s account, you will need to first create a parent account. So they can confirm you’re over 18 you’ll be asked to enter your card details but no money will be taken.

You can find out more about LEGO’s Verified Parental Consent here.

Once you have verified the account your child can post their own content and comment on other posts. Comments on the site are restricted to app specific emojis unless you are commenting on a LEGO Life post, or if you are connected as friends to another user on the app.

There are no parental controls available.

Privacy & location

The only information that can be seen by other users is your username (selected from a list when your child first registers – no real names used). Other users can see the username in a list of users and can send a friend request, as your child can to other users. This cannot be disabled.
Once connected as a friend, they can comment on your child’s posts using free text.

LEGO states that every image is checked by a moderator before posting and they do not allow any images that include personally identifiable information. This means no selfies, no school uniform or other personal details will be allowed. This isn’t explained in the app when trying to post, so it is a good idea to discuss this with your child. We would suggest exploring the app together and talking to them about what they should and shouldn’t share.

The app doesn’t share your location.

Reporting & blocking

There is a report button which your child can use if they see an image or comment on the app which upsets them.
If your child is upset by a comment on the LEGO Life app they can report the comment too.

The report function isn’t always easy to find so we would recommend that you explore with your child and ensure that they know where to find it if anything they see makes them uncomfortable.

There isn’t a way to block other users on the app from seeing your content or to stop their content appearing for you to see.

There is no private messaging feature on the app.


As all images are checked by LEGO moderators before going live so your child shouldn’t come across any inappropriate content whilst using the app. Images should be age appropriate, they shouldn’t show real people, they should be LEGO related and not link to other sites. However, there may be implied violence in role play scenes and we did come across one image of a gun built from LEGO which may upset some children.

Top tips for staying safe

Take the time to explore the app together to understand what your child wants to use it for.

This will give you an opportunity to discuss how to use the different features of the app.

Your child might see a post or comment that upsets them on LEGO Life. If this happens, they should know how to report it.

Explore how to do this together. Look for the three dots on a post or comment and tap them to access the report feature.

And remember to let your child know that they can always talk to you about worrying things they see online.

LEGO life has a parental verification tool which allows you to sign up for a LEGO account and link this with your child’s account.

You can find out more here.

Help your child think about what they share online and who sees it. Compare it to what they would be happy to share offline.

Use examples that are easy for them to understand: “You shouldn't give your number to somebody you don't know on the street. Is somebody online you don't know any different?”

Listen to their answers. And be positive and encouraging.

Remind them that they shouldn’t share private things, such as:

• personal information, like names, emails, phone numbers, location and school names
• other people's personal information
• links to join private group chats
• photos of themselves
• photos of their body, such as sexual photos or videos.

Remind your child to be kind to others online too and think about how they comment on other people’s posts on the app.


Talking to your child

Having open, regular conversations with your child will help you to really understand and explore the online world together. Our tips and advice can help you start these conversations.

Talk about staying safe online

O2 Guru top tip


Show your child the report function

Make sure that your child knows where to find the report function and discuss why they might want to report content on the app.

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