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This is taken from Habbo Hotel’s own guidelines and is accurate as of March 2016.


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Based on our independent panel surveyed in December 2015.


Children say

Based on 1725 responses from children and young people we asked in December 2015.


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Based on 225 votes from parents who have visited this site – you can vote too!

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Is content on Habbo Hotel suitable for 8 to 12 year olds?

21% of reviewers reported seeing content that might be unsuitable for children aged 8-12 on this site. Here are the types of inappropriate content that they reported:


Low Risk

Violence and hatred

Medium Risk


Medium Risk

Suicide and self-harm

Medium Risk


Medium Risk

Parents reported seeing adult content and bullying on the site.

Children and young people reported bullying and adult content as their main concerns over content on the site.

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