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Disney+ is a paid for online subscription service that lets you stream films and programmes on your device. A subscription to the platform also gives you access to channel Star that features content aimed at an adult audience. There are parental controls available. It also has a group watch feature that lets you stream content at the same time as friends using other accounts.


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Parents and carers have the option to set up a kid’s profile on Disney+. With a kid’s profile, your child will only be able to watch films and shows rated PG and below. You can also set up individual content ratings per profile and pin protect adult accounts to prevent your child from accessing content that isn’t suitable.

To set up an account you need to be over 18, but it is suitable for kids to watch content with the suggested settings in place.  We'd always recommend that you supervise what they are watching too.

Safety features

To create a Disney+ account you need to be over the age of 18. When you sign up you’re required to give credit card details which are used to verify your age. This step would make it quite difficult for a child to sign up without parental knowledge.

You can set up a kid’s profile for your child. This means that any content rated higher than PG will not be shown on their profile. Alternatively, you can set up an individual content rating per profile.

As Disney+ has content that is rated 18+ make sure to set up a pin on all adult profiles so your child can’t access them.

Privacy & location

Disney+ does have a feature called Group Watch that lets you virtually watch a film or TV show at the same time with friends who are using another account. The feature syncs your streams so you can watch together even if you aren’t in the same household. There is no chat feature but users can communicate with each other using set emojis.

Group Watch is switched off by default on kid’s accounts.

Check out Disney+ Privacy Policy for more information on how they use your data.

Reporting & blocking

There is no reporting tool available on the platform. Unlike other video streaming platforms there is no way to block specific films or TV shows from your child’s account.


Lots of the films and shows available on Disney+ are suitable for all ages. However, there are some that contain adult themes. Make sure to explore the parental controls available and ensure you have a pin set up to stop your child accessing inappropriate content.

As you can’t block specific films or shows on your child’s profile, we would recommend watching Disney+ together as a family or supervising them when they’re choosing something to watch.

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Agree some rules

Agree some rules with your child around what and when they use Disney+.

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Top tips to keep your child safe on Disney+

Make sure to set up a kid’s profile for your child so they can’t access content rated higher than PG.

How to set up a child’s profile on Disney+
1) Login to your Disney+ profile.
2) Select ‘Edit profiles’.
3) Select your child’s profile.
4) Move the ‘Kid’s profile’ slider to the right and select ‘Save’.

Review your child’s kid’s profile to see what films and shows are available for them to watch. This will give you an opportunity to check if there is anything you don’t want your child to watch. While you can’t block specific pieces of content you don’t want them to see, it will help you set some rules with your child around what they can watch.

Before you let your child use their Disney+ profile sit down with them and explore it together so they know how to use it.

You might also want to use this opportunity to set some rules around when they can use it. For example, they might only be able to watch it for a set time each day. Whatever you decide, make sure to write the rules down in a family agreement so your child knows where they stand.

We would always recommend supervising your child when they’re watching Disney + and checking the review for a film or show before putting it on.

To stop your child accessing content on Star or TV shows and films you don’t want them to watch, you can set up individual content ratings per profile. This might be good if your child is older and you want to give them access to content rated 14 and under, but not 18+.

To set up content ratings you need to:

1) Go to the profile icon.
2) Select ‘Edit profiles’.
3) Choose the profile and age rating you want to adjust.
4) Select ‘Parental controls’ and ‘Content rating’.
5) Choose between 6+, 9+, 12+, 14+, 16+ or 18+ and select ‘Apply’.

Having an age rating in place means that Disney+ will filter out content above the rating set.

Make sure to set up a pin on all adult accounts on Disney+ to stop your child from watching content that isn’t suitable.

To set up a pin you need to:
1) Go to ‘Parental controls’.
2) Select ‘Profile pin’.
3) Type in a four-digit pin and select ‘Go’.

Make sure to choose a sequence of numbers your child is not familiar with.

The Group Watch feature is switched off by default on kid’s accounts but it can be enabled in settings. You should talk to your child about this feature and remind them to always ask you first if they want to watch something with friends.


Talking to your child

Having open, regular conversations with your child will help you to really understand and explore the online world together. Our tips and advice can help you start these conversations.

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