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Coin Master

Coin Master is a game where players raid and attack other people’s villages. You also spin a slot machine to win coins, with the aim of building up your Viking village. There are no in-game chat features but the game does link out to a Facebook group where people can connect with each other.


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Our safety ratings

Overall safety rating:

Our overall rating for Coin Master


Coin Master contains gambling themes that we don’t think are suitable for children. The game is rated 18+ but doesn’t use any tools to determine the age of a player, meaning it’s easy for someone under the age of 18 to access.

There are no communication features in the game and none of your personal information is shared with other players. However, be aware that Coin Master encourages players to connect their account with their Facebook profile by offering them access to new features and rewards.


Safety features

When you sign up for the game, players are asked to confirm they’re 18 and over by ticking a box. However, the game does not use any age verification tools and it would be easy for a child to access.

There are no other parental controls available.

Privacy & location

You do not have to create an account to play Coin Master and can choose to play as guest. You can also sign up with your Apple ID or Facebook account.

The game doesn’t share any personal information or your location with other users. If you connect your account with your Facebook profile, you can share updates with your Friends.

Reporting & blocking

As there are no communication features within the game, there are no in-game reporting and blocking tools.


Apart from some mild cartoon violence, we didn’t come across anything inappropriate while playing the game. However, the game does involve spinning a wheel to win money. As gambling is an adult theme, we wouldn’t recommend children under 18 play it.

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On Coin Master

This game involves spinning a wheel to win coins. As gambling is an adult theme, explore this before your child plays.

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Top tips for staying safe

As Coin Master features gambling themes we would recommend playing the game yourself before you let your child use it. This way you can check out the different features and decide whether it’s appropriate.

If you decide the game isn’t suitable, who not explore our reviews to find another game which is more age appropriate for your child.

If you decide your child can play Coin Master you should sit down with them and explore it together. We would recommend only letting them play as a guest. And you should make sure to agree some rules around when they’re allowed to play certain games.

You can’t chat to other players in Coin Master but if you sign up with your Facebook account then your profile picture and first name will appear on your Coin Master profile. The game also links off to a Facebook community where users can talk to each other.

Talk to your child about who they’re talking to and what they’re sharing. Help your child think about what they share online and who sees it. Compare it to what they would be happy to share offline.

Remind them that they shouldn’t share private things, such as:
• personal information, like emails, names, phone numbers and school names
• photos of their body
• gossip

Explain that you understand the internet is a great place to play, create, learn and connect. But remind them they can talk to you if anything upsets or worries them.

Reassure them that you won’t overreact – you’re just looking out for them.

It’s important to remind your child that they can talk you, another adult they trust, like a teacher, or Childline about anything they see online.

Make sure to speak with your child about purchasing items and encourage them to come you if they’re thinking about buying anything.

We would recommend turning off in-app purchasing on your child’s phone to make sure they can’t use this feature. You should be able to switch this off in the settings on any device.

Here are links to advice to help you do this:
• Apple
• Samsung


Talking to your child

Having open, regular conversations with your child will help you to really understand and explore the online world together. Our tips and advice can help you start these conversations.

Talk about staying safe online

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