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Rather than trying to cover every social network out there, we’re focusing on the ones kids use the most.

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Facebook is a social network, which lets you create a page about yourself. is a site where you can ask people questions. You can choose to ask them anonymously.


DeviantArt is an online community where you can post your art and comment on other people’s work.


Google+ is a space where you can share photos and videos, instant message or make video-calls.


FMyLife is an online community where you can post a short caption about an unfortunate incident that has happened during your day.


Instagram is a picture and video sharing app. Users can post content and use hashtags to share with others.


YouTube is a place to watch, create and share videos. Videos include things like music, animation, online blogs and TV clips.


Twitter is a social network messaging service that lets you send public messages called tweets.


Tumblr is a social networking site that lets you share text, photos, quotes, links, audio clips, slideshows and videos.


MovieStarPlanet is an online game. You can create a famous movie star character and chat, play games and watch videos.


Pinterest is an interactive pin board. You can create collections using your own images or re-pin things from other people.


Sickipedia is an online forum where you can submit short jokes, which can be viewed online.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is an app that allows you to instant message, voice and video call and share images.


Viber lets you text, call, share photos and send video messages to people worldwide.


Vine is an app that lets you share 6-second videos that play on a loop. You can repost others' videos and leave comments.

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We worked with over 500 parents and carers, and 1725 young people to review social networks and apps that children use.

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